At ALA, we focus on ESL education that’s far-reaching. By combining the fantastic power of contemporary technology with tried-and-true teaching methods, we provide our Adult learners with extensive instruction on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehending


At Austin Learning Academy all of our classes are FREE! We believe in providing worry free education so that you can focus on completion instead of cost. 

At Austin Learning Academy we offer day and night classes daily that fit into schedules that work around your life. The ESL program is an at-your-own pace system that helps you learn english at the pace that works best for you. 

Is it personal?

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Is it fast?

Our classes are punctuated with instruction from experienced & certified educators.  You will also be able to interact with fellow students. Our classes are small giving you the one on one attention you might need.

Is it expensive?

"An education equips a mind. Learning demonstrates its potential."

- Rosita Gonzales


"Austin Learning Academy  presented me with all of the opportunities I needed to succeed."

- Juan Cesario


"The sense of accomplishment I felt after learning english through Austin Learning Academy is incomparable. 

- Olga Zahvorey

At Austin Learning Academy, we're harnessing the power of Adult education in new, innovative ways. Combining the newest research with proven teaching methodology, we're inspiring students to take control of their classroom experience. At Austin Learning Academy we provide a stepping stone for our students to reach the future they envision.

Are you ready to start the future?

AUstin Learning Academy

Every journey begins with a step. Now, you can take that step whenever you're ready with our new "Rolling Semester" program. Don't let calendars get in the way of your educational journey.​ We are enrolling year round. 

Austin Learning Academy

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